The Harvesting Day

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All you need to know about TheHarvestingDay

All you need to know about The Harvesting Day.pdf (June 2010)

In this file you will find the key points which describe TheHarvestingDay: what it is, the reasons behind, when and where it will take place....

The BAMDES in 2 pages

The BAMDES in 2 pages.pdf (June 2010)

This file describes in detail the BAsic Metadata DEScription, the metadata set used within Concretely, you will find here all metadata atributes and values per resource type and a brief explanation of each of them. The BAMDES is compliant with current metadata proposals such as CLARIN, ISOCat, IMDI, ENABLER.


BAMDES-ISOcat-ENABLER-LRECMAPcorrespondences.pdf (June 2010)

Correspondences between BAMBDES, LREC-Map, ISOcat, ENABLER and OLAC metadata.

BAMDES XML Resources

BAMDES XSD Schema, XSD Description for the BAMDES schema.